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Oakville, Ontario
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The availability of tools that can manage even the toughest cables is very important, and these tools need to be able to do the job right the first time. Our cutters are designed to be comfortable and light, but powerful. Most importantly, they will not leave any frayed ends behind after cutting – these can be detrimental and dangerous to have lying around! A number of our tools are also strong enough for underwater use. We do provide tools that are designed specifically for work with stainless steel and galvanized cables – please call us at 905-829-3707, or use the “Request a Quote” feature to discuss these options.

C-7 Cutter
C-9 Cutter
C-12, C-16, C-16E Cutters
No. 1-SC Hand Swager Tool
No. 1-BSC Bench Swager Tool
Battery Powered Swager
Hydraulic Swager