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2140 Winston Park Dr., Unit 20
Oakville, Ontario
Canada, L6H 5V5
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Formed in 1972 and re-organized in 1986, we reach out to our customers from our location in Oakville, Ontario to serve many regions within Canada. Additionally, we serve customers in the United States on direct shipments from our American suppliers, where we are buying at a discounted "Distributor Price."

Our products have evolved to meet the needs of our growing customer base.

As manufacturers, importers, and distributors we offer fast and knowledgeable service for all orders, and scheduled, timely deliveries to meet customer demands. To existing customers, we thank you for your support. To new customers, we hope you enjoy visiting our web site. We welcome the opportunity to provide you technical information and pricing and extend an invitation for you to contact us.


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Our Valued Suppliers

At The Good Rope Company, we stock a wide range of commercial grade products.  These generic brands offer the best value in the market place for cable and related fittings, and have been a staple of our success since the beginning.  When the job requires a nationally branded product to meet a defined specification, we are able to supply those products as well.  Our long term relationship with these suppliers have provided our customers with the security of knowing we can fulfill their exacting requirement.  Just a few of our nationally branded partners are shown below.


Recognized Dependability, Crosby is considered the standard of the industry, both nationally and internationally. This can be drawn from the fact that most contracts involving rigging products, in the U.S. and around the world, read “Crosby Only” or “Crosby or Equal”. Remember, “When buying Crosby, you’re buying more than product, you’re buying Quality.”


For more than 60 years Nicopress Sleeves have been used with aircraft control cable, wire rope fabrications and fiber rope. Markets served include the power and telephone utilities, wire rope and cable, farm and ranch fencing, railroad, OEMs and other specialty markets. In addition to their nationally branded compression sleeves, they manufacture a wide range of superlative hand and hydraulic compression tools and cutters.


Because Quality and Performance Matter. Loos manufactures only the highest quality products to meet the strictest specifications, including military specification cables.