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2140 Winston Park Dr., Unit 20
Oakville, Ontario
Canada, L6H 5V5

Our cordage products include ropes that are formed from high-quality nylon, polyester, polypropylene, and manila products. Many of these ropes have stood the test of time, appearing first in seafaring applications, and being continuously improved upon for enhanced durability and flexibility for new applications. These ropes have varying degrees of strength, as well as water and heat resistance, but all of them are durable, flexible, and strong enough for many varied general purposes.

Each of our cordage products are available in both twisted and braided types.

If you can't find what you require in the material provided, please contact us at 905-829-3707 or complete the form on our "Inquire" Button 

Nylon Twisted
Polyester Braded
High Modulus
Manila/Hemp Rope
Rope Assemblies