Good Rope is the sole distributor of Arteplas “Eco-friendly” ropes to Canada.

Arteplas' eco-friendly ropes are made from 100% recycled PET. They are 4 times more resistent to abrasion and 4 times more resistent to UVA/UVB rays than polypropylene ropes.

The Company

Founded in 1973, in Itajai, Santa Catarina, Brazil, Arteplas Artefatos de Plastico S.A. has grown and consolidated to become the largest producer of recycled P.E.T. cords in Latin America, utilizing as raw material, monthly, 700 tons of P.E.T. bottles, which are transformed in 550 tons of high quality finished product.

Leading production and sales of P.E.T. cords in Brazil, Arteplas also attends the Mercosul and U.S. markets, markets which require high quality and approve of Arteplas’s high quality and on-time delivery.

Arteplas is completely focused on exceeding the expectations of their clients, with superior service and products, additionally in the preservation in the environment, through the sole use of recycled products, bringing all this together as a prime example of Sustainable Development.

Sustainable Development

The concept of sustainable development is based on three fundamental pillars:

  • Environmentally green
    More than 8,000 metric tons of P.E.T. bottles are removed from the environment on an annual basis, converting pollution into recycled raw material that is used for the production of P.E.T. ropes.
  • Economically sound
    Arteplas' business model ensures profit and environmental protection through modern business management focused on results.
  • Socially friendly
    Generating revenue for low-income families by allowing the surrounding communities to harvest used P.E.T products which would otherwise be discarded. Furthermore, directly employing 380 people of the local community.
  • Products

    Click here for our detailed brochure of Arteplas' Braided Multifilament P.E.T. Ropes, Double Braided MAX Ropes, Power Ropes, Braided Multifilament Flat Profile Ropes, Twisted/Retwisted Multifilament P.E.T. Ropes, and Braided Monofilament P.E.T. Ropes, as well as Working Load charts, in PDF format (5.2 MB).