In addition to the Cutters shown below, we can provide a variety of tools for working with Galvanized & Stainless Steel cable. Please call us at 905-829-3707 with your requirements or send along the form contained in our "Product Request" page.

C-7 Cutter

A cable when crushed or deformed in cutting is difficult to use with fittings. These cable cutters, with unique triangular jaws, never leave a frayed end. The C-7 cutter has a capacity of 3/16 inch diameter or smaller. Length: 8 inches, Weight: 10 ounces.


C-9 Cutter

The C-9 cutter is lightweight enough for overhead cutting yet strong enough for underwater work. Cut 1/4-inch steel cable with ease. Ideal for the tool kit. Length: 13 inches. Weight: 1.5 pounds.


C-12, C-16, C-16E Cutters

Swiss made Felco cutters are recognized around the world for their precision manufacture and cutting capabilities. Plastic coated handles afford a firm, comfortable grip. Replacement parts are available from stock. All cutters are tested before leaving the factory.

The C-12 has a cutting capacity of 3/8-inch cable and smaller. Length: 19 inches. Weight: 3 pounds

The C-16 has a cutting capacity of 5/8-inch cable and smaller. Length: 23 inches. Weight: 5 pounds

The C-16E has a cutting capacity of 3/4-inch ACSR and smaller. Length: 23 inches. Weight: 5 pounds